Monday, August 13, 2018

August 2018 - New Updated Photos

I leased the house in 2017 to a Hideaway resident. She took pretty good care of it for me until she left this month.  She was nice enough to have it professionally cleaned and I visited this past weekend to inspect the property, take some photos and decide what to do next before my next occupant moves in. Because it was raining I didn't venture out into the front to take photos. Nothing has changed at all and still looks great.

Here is a better look at the kitchen complete with drawer & cabinet pulls installed.

The visit took place on a day when it was raining and overcast but it still seems bright I guess because of the Sherwin-Williams "Snowbound" white paint I chose for the entire house.

My contractor, John, did a great job replacing the living area ceiling. It had some condensation issues and he removed all of it, bumped up the roof vent and re-insulated and finished it. I think it turned out really well.

Looking toward the kitchen from the front bedroom.

Looking toward the front door from the living room. The scale is deceiving. The room is 16.75' x 23' - plenty big for a single person.

 View from front door into kitchen and LR.

I can't get enough of the white bright countertops (quartz).

 From LR looking at front door. I put in cellular pull down shades and they are awesome. One on every window except the one over the sink.

 From front door looking to the back.

 Living room looking out on to the huge deck. Back BR on the right.

 From front door looking toward back bedroom.

 Front BR has a door into the carport. Not a huge room, it is 9'4" x 18"6" with two closets and a window to the front deck.

 Front BR looking to the kitchen.

 Back BR is a little larger with two closets, two windows. It measures 11'4" x 18'6".

 Back BR also has the AC closet which is surprisingly quiet. It is a tiny unit that really works well for this little house.

 Bathroom was opened into the utility and all new sheetrock. Not crazy about the placement of the shelf, so that gets moved, but al in all functional.

 Original shower, for now, still in great shape. All solid surface materials and obviously well maintained.

By connecting the bath and utility rooms it really makes the spaces more functional. I plan to put in a mini-split AC/heat unit for the bath/utility since the other AC terminates in the LR/Kitchen area. The tankless water heater is AWESOME. 

 Millions of leaves to get taken care of. LOTS of trees in the backyard will need thinning out soon.

One third acre lot so this isn't a tiny place by any means.

And now we know the truck WILL fit in the carport. It will be enclosed as a garage before I move in.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Last Trip Before Leasing The Cottage

I took the last trip to the house this past weekend.  It is a little sad to give it to someone else to live in.  As I told the tenant, "I did this as if I was going to live here myself."  It wasn't a cheap rental for profit reno. It was a project that stretched my imagination and taught me a lot.

One day. Retirement in Hideaway. Or .... maybe ... something else?

My favorite kitchen ever. From dark, dank hole to light bright functional kitchen.

The light paint on the deck, the bright white eaves and now the finishing touch, the white gutters, make it just what I wanted it to be.

The utility room was D-A-R-K paneling from the 70's, no window and ugly carpeted floor.  Now look at it. Tankless water heater, the folding table and the stacking appliances. Bright. White. Clean.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Almost Done! 3/12 Update

Went to the house today - here are some photos I took. I am pretty happy with the kitchen. It turned out EXACTLY as I imagined it would.  The only thing left is to unwrap the cabinets, but that comes after the make ready cleaning lady gets through.  What a beautiful day.  Great Sunday. Check these out!

 I bought the curtain rod and rings from Amazon and they were delivered in a couple of days. (Please forgive the camera angle - the rod is actually quite level..LOL)

Gotta love the camp chair huh?  I used it at many open houses in vacant homes for the past few years.

The drapes are Pottery Barn white cotton purchased from eBay for less than $15/panel. I saved a bunch of $$!

The kitchen just gets better and better I think. Even when its cloudy outside, it was bright and light inside!

Front entry.  New cellular shades are easy up and down and still let light in but provide privacy. The old chandelier on the left has to go.  I have a brushed nickel one, but I may spring for a smaller version of the Shaker light over the peninsula. But that might be too "matchy" ... Hmm.

The under mount sink has a wire insert in the bottom. I opted for a single vessel sink instead of the double sink usually found in these homes. I like this one. I opted for a very light grey grout and it looks pretty good!

The corner cabinet really helps make use of all the available space in that otherwise dead corner.

I am glad the former owner let me pick the color of the new roof installed as part of my offer on the house. I like the lighter grey. The day turned out to be beautiful. I never get tired of coming to Hideaway!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Backsplash Love..

I got an update from friend Nancy today who stopped by the house and sent me a couple photos of the newly installed window/backsplash. I decided to go full on and tile the entire area instead of going to the bottom of the window. I think it came out well!

The amazing part of this is that you can get such a great look for very little money. These tiles cost less than a QUARTER each!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

What A Difference A Day Makes - Countertops!

After a delay due to material availability, I got a call early this morning that the countertops had been fabricated and were ready to install.... TODAY!  Amazing.  

Preparing the cabinet surfaces to take the thick quartz countertops.

This material is from Lowes as the house brand, "allen & roth" in the Vashon colorway.  It is 3cm thick so about 1.25" thick = HEAVY

The light hanging over the counter was purchased from Amazon. It is from Kenroy Home and is a shaker style wire frame with woven wood.  

I thought it looked pretty cool as a foil to the stark white and picks up the wood tones of the floors.  All that for just under $100... killer.

The peninsula is a full 30" wide with a 6" overhang on the end and back side; just made for a couple of bar stools.

Countertop material closeup.  Looks great with eased sides and slightly rounded corners.

I bought an under mount sink from Schoen and a Schoen pull down faucet (not yet installed).  The 30" single basin stainless sink is coated on the bottom outside with thick rubber for sound deadening - cool!
Some additional pics - front yard was cleaned of leaves and all trees were trimmed and had the canopy raised - something that had not been done in years.

Hideaway requires house numbers in the yard. I had this made for me form a vendor on  The brushed aluminum center plate is overlaid with a rusty steel laser cut with the house number on it.

A good contractor does things without being asked and doesn't nickel and dime you to death - to wit, the entire house was pressure washed when they prepared the deck for the stain because as the contractor said, "Why wouldn't you do that?"  Indeed.  Gutters with leaf guards coming soon.

Front yard.  Can't wait until the bulbs sprout in the Spring in the flower bed.

Trees were trimmed and probably three years worth of leaves carted away. Amazing.