Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Little Things Mean A Lot

When I bought the house in 2016, I think it still had the original mailbox. Through one thing or another it never got replaced. When I got mail out of it it was usually soggy and wrinkled. No way to treat the mail!

I remedied that this month when one of the local handymen had a post on FaceBook showing a new mailbox and offering his services, so.. Et Voila!  Now the mail won't get wet and it looks much better than the original one from the stone age!


Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Few Updates- July 2019

The little house has really grown up and become a place I want to live in one day. More updates as we move ahead, but for now the nice family living there will enjoy the fruits of my labors.

I lucked out again and found some folks to live in my little house. They're actually already resident non-owners in HAWL so they know their way around the place and like living there too.

I did a final few updates before they moved in and plan to have the garage enclosed in a month or so and the front door and windows removed, recycled into the garage space and the same french door with sidelights put on the front of the house as I did on the back!

Here are a few of the updates:

Entire deck, front back and side was power washed and recoated with Behr "DecoOver" in Harbor Mist. Looks Great!

A new mirror and vanity - more storage and much nicer than the original one I installed.

I really like the lower drawer - need storage because the bathroom is TINY.

And a new low water use power flush toilet - comfort height as well (for grownups!)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Finally - The Kitchen Shade Is In

I went out to Hideaway this weekend to check on the house and do a few chores, meet with a handyman to get the new attic access done so I can add more insulation.  That done I turned to the kitchen window. 

I struggled getting the kitchen window shade in because the window frame is all ceramic tile! I've never drilled tile and honestly I was a little afraid of it. But I bit the bullet, bought a small set of bits and it was EASY like butter!

Love the look - they're the same simple white pull down cellular shades I have on every window in the house except the new french doors which have drapes.

Easy peasy and looks great!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Updated Photos - TODAY! 11/11/2018

I drove out to Hideaway today to visit the house, hang the drapes, get a couple of measurements and winterize the hose bibs. It is going to get cold and rainy this week, but today was a fairly pleasant, although not a "sunny" day. I took the opportunity to just take a bunch of photos so here they are!


From the backyard - tiny house HUGE deck

My new favorite photo of the exterior of the house.

The trees are nice but WHOA the leaves and mountains of acorns are amazing.

My yard backs to a green space so no house looking over the fence!

I think the next real project will be enclosing the carport to make a double car garage. Absolutely necessary before I move in for sure.

Those new doors make another appearance. Can't get enough of them.

Almost 2 years old and these quartz countertops look newly installed.

Friday, November 9, 2018

New French Doors - November 2018

When I bought the house in September 2016 I knew it had the original windows and fixtures. The windows are pretty good even though they're single pane, they have storm window coverings so for now, they remain.

Original 1975 Sliding doors.

The sliding door in the living room was almost 8' wide, single pane and ridiculously heavy. It took a LOT of effort to even open it and it was not at all energy efficient. I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade it. I bought a set of french doors with side opening side lights. The sidelights actually both open, have screens and allow for circulation. No brainer.

They are really heavy and the contractor John and his partner Aaron manhandled them into place and the results are completely amazing.

The full length side lights with the screen allow for great ventilation.

The sidelights that open are the real winner. Not just good looking but functional too!

Even the outside looks great!

Money well spent all round.

Monday, August 13, 2018

August 2018 - New Updated Photos

I leased the house in 2017 to a Hideaway resident. She took pretty good care of it for me until she left this month.  She was nice enough to have it professionally cleaned and I visited this past weekend to inspect the property, take some photos and decide what to do next before my next occupant moves in. Because it was raining I didn't venture out into the front to take photos. Nothing has changed at all and still looks great.

Here is a better look at the kitchen complete with drawer & cabinet pulls installed.

The visit took place on a day when it was raining and overcast but it still seems bright I guess because of the Sherwin-Williams "Snowbound" white paint I chose for the entire house.

My contractor, John, did a great job replacing the living area ceiling. It had some condensation issues and he removed all of it, bumped up the roof vent and re-insulated and finished it. I think it turned out really well.

Looking toward the kitchen from the front bedroom.

Looking toward the front door from the living room. The scale is deceiving. The room is 16.75' x 23' - plenty big for a single person.

 View from front door into kitchen and LR.

I can't get enough of the white bright countertops (quartz).

 From LR looking at front door. I put in cellular pull down shades and they are awesome. One on every window except the one over the sink.

 From front door looking to the back.

 Living room looking out on to the huge deck. Back BR on the right.

 From front door looking toward back bedroom.

 Front BR has a door into the carport. Not a huge room, it is 9'4" x 18"6" with two closets and a window to the front deck.

 Front BR looking to the kitchen.

 Back BR is a little larger with two closets, two windows. It measures 11'4" x 18'6".

 Back BR also has the AC closet which is surprisingly quiet. It is a tiny unit that really works well for this little house.

 Bathroom was opened into the utility and all new sheetrock. Not crazy about the placement of the shelf, so that gets moved, but al in all functional.

 Original shower, for now, still in great shape. All solid surface materials and obviously well maintained.

By connecting the bath and utility rooms it really makes the spaces more functional. I plan to put in a mini-split AC/heat unit for the bath/utility since the other AC terminates in the LR/Kitchen area. The tankless water heater is AWESOME. 

 Millions of leaves to get taken care of. LOTS of trees in the backyard will need thinning out soon.

One third acre lot so this isn't a tiny place by any means.

And now we know the truck WILL fit in the carport. It will be enclosed as a garage before I move in.